A downloadable game for Windows

A small 'Papers Please' style game. You play as an insurance claims officer and must check insurance claims submitted by contestants from a fighting tournament.

Check each claim carefully and mark it either as 'Accepted' or 'Rejected' depending on what you find. Each correct claim earns you a point but each incorrect claim brings you one step closer to getting fired!


How to play:

Check each claim carefully! You must match up the details provided on the Claim sheet - top left - with the evidence and receipts provided - top right - to ensure all details match up.

Check values such as the the claimant's name, the details of their insurance cover (e.g. are they covered for Broken bones?), if their insurance payments are up to date, if the claim matches the Doctor's Report and if the claimed $ amounts matches what they really spent / lost from time off work.

If you find a claim is valid, you can stamp it as 'Accepted' by pressing the A key, or if it's invalid, as 'Rejected' by pressing the D key.

To restart the game, press R.

To quit, press Escape.


Built for Sykoo's Community Game Jam 2 but unfortunately not completed in time to submit. Rather than waste the project, thought I'd finish it and make it available. =)

Install instructions

Simply unzip the provided files to their own folder and launch CombatClaim.exe to play.


CombatClaim.zip 15 MB